Jack's Solo Projects

2022 NOTE - I need to add 3 more bands: Sky Cries Mary (3 albums so far, sharing guitar duties with Kevin Whitworth), Purple Strange (1 album with vinyl on the way, sharing guitar duties with Ron Nine), and a psych/improv trio called Beyond Captain Orca! which records every one of our shows as full multitrack and posts them on our bandcamp page after I mix/master them. And most important, my 4th full solo album Set Myself On Fire has finally been released on Capacitor Records.

Set Myself On Fire"Rumble", a 3-song 12" EP, was released by Fin Records in 2013. To support this record with live shows, I revived my 90s band name "Endino's Earthworm". With me onstage were drummer Johnny G and bassist Sam MacDonald, who played with me in Kandi Coded, 2006-2010. On second guitar we had Bubba DuPree (from the DC band Void) sitting in for several months; then we had Chris Johnson, formerly with Zeke. In 2014 we began recording a new Endino's Earthworm record which might someday be titled "Set Myself On Fire". As of January 2017, Fin Records is defunct, and my album is still not finished!

Permanent Fatal ErrorMy third record "Permanent Fatal Error" was released by Wondertaker in January 2006, to very kind reviews. It is now available via Bandcamp as well as thru iTunes. Part of it has drummer Barrett Martin and bassists Rob Skinner and Pat Pedersen backing me; part of it has Josh Sinder and Alex Sibbald, who were the drums/bass for the Accused circa 1991; a few tunes have me on all instruments. In October 2005 I did a West Coast tour featuring the amazing Dirty Power as my backing band.

Earthworm"Endino's Earthworm" was the full title of a record released in 1992 by Cruz Records. It was really my second solo album, but because Skin Yard had just broken up, I imagined this could be my new band name, somewhat like "Frampton's Camel" or "Tony McPhee's Groundhogs." I played everything on two songs, but for the rest I had drummers Barrett Martin and Greg Gilmore, and bassists Rob Skinner and Daniel House. However the live Earthworm "Mk I" lineup (me, Barrett, and Rob Skinner, later Pat Pedersen) only played a few shows, because "Seattle" exploded and my production career took off.

Angle of Attack"Angle Of Attack", my first solo album, was released in 1989 by Bobok, Ltd, a part of the Toxic Shock label. A cassette-only version was released by Joe Ross' Endgame Records a few years earlier. This was truly a "solo" album as I played almost everything, although Greg Gilmore (Mother Love Bone) drums on one song, and contributes percussion. It is now remastered and reissued exclusively via Bandcamp with additional bonus tracks.

Jack's Other Bands (1984-present)

MKB UltraMKB Ultra (2016-present) I play lead guitar (lots) in this Seattle-based 5 piece band, featuring lead singer/guitarist Mia Katherine Boyle and co-lead singer Lisa Mansfield! Look for us on YouTube and Bandcamp.

Rocket SurgeryRocket Surgery (2012-2015) I played bass with this Seattle combo. The drummer was Scott Rockwell, AKA Norman Scott from Skin Yard and Gruntruck, an old friend. The band was fronted by dual songstresses Frankie O and Allison Maryatt, who both play guitar and sing in harmony. Imagine the Breeders with more muscle behind them! This band was great fun for me (and audiences!) though I was not doing any singing or songwriting here.

Fell For The GiftKandi Coded (2006-2010) The best live rock band I'd played in up to that point, Kandi Coded featured powerhouse drummer Johnny G, bassist Sam MacDonald, myself on lead guitar and backing vocals, and our friend, legendary snowboarder Jamie Lynn, on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. We made two albums that were released by Volcom's record label, plus a 4-song 7" EP on Flotation Records, and did several very amusing winter tours in the western half of the US, plus a west coast tour with Turbonegro. "Time Wasted Is Not Wasted Time" was released on CD in 2007; I recorded it but only contribute guitar to four tunes, as the record was almost finished when I joined. For the final record, "Fell For The Gift" (vinyl and download, 2010), I was a co-songwriter and full band member, and play lots of gnarly guitar and sing lead on two songs.

SlippageSlippage (2006-2009) This power trio marked my return to drumming after 15 years, and featured Allison Maryatt on vocals and guitar, and Gary King on lead guitar. We recorded one album, "Tectonica". In our final year, I moved to bass, and Scott Rockwell took over drum duties.

Upwell Number 9In 2003-2004 I was "perma-temp" bassist for Upwell, an excellent band whose debut CD I had recorded, though not played on. We did record one 4-song EP, "Number Nine," while I played with them. I recorded their last two albums, and in 2015-2018 I was back in the band again, playing bass at their shows!

Wellwater ConspiracyIn 2000-2001, I played bass with Wellwater Conspiracy for several shows, one of which was opening for Pearl Jam at the Seattle Arena (Nov 6, 2000), another was Terrastock in Seattle, and another was opening for Guided By Voices in New York. The only WWC recording I appear on is a "live" B-side of one 7 inch. This was my third band with Matt Cameron on drums. A live permutation of the band with me on bass and Dan Peters drumming (when Matt was out with Pearl Jam) was called Brotherhood of the Electric.

Inside The EyeSkin Yard (1985-1991) Six albums, six drummers, a continent-wide swath of grunge-punk-psych-metal destruction! There's now an "official" Skin Yard site managed by bassist/co-founder Daniel House, and for posterity's sake there's still my rather quaint, obsolete old site. The key members were House and myself, as well as singer Ben McMillan, who went on to greater notoriety with Gruntruck but is now sadly deceased.

Crypt Kicker FiveCrypt Kicker Five (1986-1990) Few outside Seattle now remember this brilliantly quirky garage band, but I played drums for them for five years, and we played LOTS of shows in the Pacific NW, but those were the grunge years and we did not fit the prevailing narrative, self-describing our music as "Mediterranean Techno-Surf". We recorded an album ("Previously Un") but never bothered to release it until years later in a very limited run. There was a self-released cassette, one 7 inch on C/Z Records, and a couple compilation tracks. Rhonda Pelikan - guitar, vocals; Jamie Caffery - bass, vocals; Chip Doring - guitar, vocals; myself - drums.

Karl Reimer Quintet (1985-1986) An outright jazz band, featuring Matt Cameron on drums, Lu Evers on sax/clarinet, Scott Brown on trombone, Jim Knodle on trumpet, and myself on bass. We worked up a full set of be-bop standards (Monk, Ellington, etc) and several band originals, and played six rather odd but enjoyable shows, some of which I recorded. I wrote my only song ever on musical staff paper with all four instrument parts scored out carefully, titled "Circumlocution".

Actual Size (1984-1985) An eccentric, enjoyable combo for whom I played bass for a while; we played a number of shows. Some 4-track recordings, but nothing officially released. Lu "Jubal" Evers - reeds, vocals; Garfield Hamilton - drums, vocals; Teresa "Serenity" B - percussion; Steve "Humility" DeTray (ex-Ant Trip Ceremony) - guitar, vocals.

The OnesTerry Lee Hale & The Ones (1984-1987) Myself on bass, Chris Adams on drums, and Terry Lee Hale on guitar, vocals and songwriting. This was completely Terry Lee's thing, a kind of punk/bluegrass/kitchen-sink power trio. When I learned ten of his songs at our first rehearsal, it was obvious I had to play with them, and I continued to even after co-founding Skin Yard a couple months later. For about a year I was actually playing gigs in three bands: The Ones (on bass), Skin Yard (on guitar), and Crypt Kicker Five (on drums), plus working at the newly-opened Reciprocal Recording. There's an unreleased album's worth of excellent basement recordings I made with The Ones. We played a lot of shows in a short time, but again, we did not fit the emerging grunge narrative. There were several "reunion" gigs, the last in 1995. One song recently ended up on a comp... somewhere.

For those who are curious (...myself included!), I tried to maintain a full list of all the records I have played or sang on, including lots of "guest appearances". But as of 2022 I have completely lost track!

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