Contact Info for Jack Endino

Thanks for your interest in my humble self. Here's the ideal way to reach me: ask a band who has worked with me (see discography). That's thousands of people, in 14+ countries. There's probably someone in your city. I pay extra attention if someone I know refers you.

If that doesn't work, here's the best contact link:
my Bandcamp contact form ...The link is down at lower right on each album page, where it says "For all other inquiries click here." There's a form which sends your message right to my personal email inbox.

I have accounts with various social networks, but they no longer interest me much, since I could get deleted at any time (like my Mailchimp account disappeared) so I hardly ever log in anymore. You can write me there or be my "friend" but be warned, I may not answer you quickly, especially if it's just "New songs up, listen and tell us what you think." Life's too short. Priority goes to friends, repeat clients and anyone who wants to actually work with me. If you just want to say "hi" and offer a kind word, I really, truly appreciate it (!!), but I might not reply unless it's business. Note, there are also plenty of fake "Jack Endino" profiles online, I can't police them. Just use Bandcamp (above).

I am (for now) on Instagram at #jackendinoseattle, but I only check it once a week, if that.

You can also write to the studio Soundhouse at the postal street address listed below, if you're not in a hurry. Please don't send me valuable album covers to autograph because I don't like standing in line at the post office to mail them back, and they might get lost in the mail anyway.

If you've got some high-profile "corporate" biz in mind for me that might involve lawyers and contracts, you can contact Sandy Roberton at World's End Management but please don't bother him with small stuff (that means most of you reading this), as he manages a few dozen other producers. Feel free to contact me directly first.

I am aware that some people don't try to contact me because they think I'm 1) too busy, 2) too expensive, or 3) too much of a "famous big shot" to work with them. (Or too much of a grump? Haha! Not always LOL.) This just kills me! Look at my discography: between all the "known" bands, how many are there that you haven't heard of? Heck, lots. That could be you. Yeah, I am too busy sometimes, and I'm not a charity. But listen: my main criterion for choosing whom I work with is, do I like the music? The more I do this over the years, the more that matters to me... The rest is negotiable!  Look, I'm freelance, self-employed, and can do what I want. Nobody's screening my email. So, if your music doesn't suck, go ahead, try me. If I'm not locked in the studio with a band TODAY, you'll hear from me quickly.

IMPORTANT... before you contact me, please read my enormous FAQ, as I've been asked a lot of the same questions over the years. The FAQ (updated often) includes my ever-popular Nirvana FAQ, plus lots of answers to questions I get about recording/producing. I sort of discourage Nirvana fan questions because there's 10 million of you and one of me.


OK, here's the street address (Please NO REGISTERED MAIL or CERTIFIED MAIL!), for demos & propaganda. Be sure to include your email address in legible handwriting!

Jack Endino
c/o Soundhouse
7023 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

DEMO SUBMISSIONS: Serious production inquiries only, friends! I don't have free time to critique your demo and give you a "Jack Endino" quote for your press kit. That's just unpaid work. I won't "shop" the demo to labels for you; see my FAQ for details about this subject. If you actually want to work with me, that's different: potential recording/mixing/mastering clients are always welcome, no matter who or where you are. I'll definitely listen. No promises though, cuz first (I repeat!) I gotta like the music.

PLEASE, NO REGISTERED OR CERTIFIED MAIL: please don't send your demo (or anything else) by "certified" or "registered mail"! To claim it, I have to drive to the post office and wait in line to sign for it. Your demo will cost me 20 minutes of my life before I've even heard it. Unwise. Just email me mp3s!

PAYMENT FOR SERVICES I use PayPal which seems to be available worldwide. Alternatives would be a bank wire, or a mailed paper check if you are in the US.

If we do end up corresponding by email after you've gotten my attention, I have some emailing requests, which I sincerely THANK YOU for reading:

Please don't post my email address on social media or anywhere else; spammers will find it. Spread my links around instead. That way my FAQ, and this page you are reading, can act as a filter.

Please don't put me on your mailing list without asking. I don't need to know about your band's gig next Friday in Pensacola. (Though I did play there once.)

...And I thank YOU once more for reading through all this crap. Good luck in this biz.

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