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JACK'S PRODUCTION DISCOGRAPHY (LPs/EPs) -- Listed by year of release, newest records on top. Credits: "P"=Production; "CP"=Co-production, usually with artist, or as noted; "PP"=Post-production; "E"=Engineering; "Mx"=Mixing; "Ma"=Mastering. MASTERING is highlighted in pink, but I can barely keep track of it, there's so much. I need an abbreviation for "Audio Forensics, Baking & Transferring Tapes" but "PP" will do for now. I once kept a separate list just for SINGLES (vinyl and CD) but I haven't updated it in years.

22 3rd Secret 3rd Secret Murky Slough CP/E/Mx/Ma
22 Bam Bam Villains Bric-A-Brac PP/Ma
22 The Smokes G.O.V.T. Graffiti Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
22 Sky Cries Mary Wandering In The Vastness [I play gtr] Trail Records CP/E/Mx/Ma
21 Jack Endino Set Myself On Fire Capacitor Recs P/E/Mx/Ma
21 Purple Strange Purple Strange [I play gtr] Strange Earth P/E/Mx/Ma
21 The Ganjas & Jack Endino Live at Bar De Rene [I play gtr] BYM (Chile) CP/Mx/Ma
21 Nerdy B & Chelly Chell/Incredicrew Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Ever Rap/P.I.G. PP/Ma
21 Nirvana Nevermind DELUXE REISSUE
["mixed" all live bonus stuff]
21 Brothers Of The Same Mind Brothers Of The Same Mind Ever Rap/P.I.G. PP/Ma
21 Mudhoney Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge DELUXE REISSUE
[5 prev-unreleased 1990 bonus tracks]
Sub Pop E/Mx
21 P*D2 Dopemuzik4thehead Ever Rap/P.I.G. PP/Ma
21 Robots Of The Ancient World Mystic Goddess Small Stone Mx/Ma
21 Barrett Martin Group Stillpoint Sunyata Mx
21 Linda From Work Burnout Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
21 AMQA Haunting The Apple [Reissue] P.I.G. PP/Mx/Ma
21 Lark vs Owl Tin & Teeth Self-Released Ma
21 The Soviet Machines The Soviet Machines DC-Jam Recs CP/E/Mx/Ma
21 LoudMotor Runnin' Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
21 Eva Acton Stokes Syzygy Self-Released Mx/Ma
21 The Stuntmen Vol 4 Self-Released Mx/Ma
21 Joy Harjo I Pray For My Enemies Sunyata Mx
21 Toe Tag Tesouros Exhumados [Exhumed Treasures] Marquee Recs (Brazil) Ma
21 Dan Driscoll Anthems From The Age Of Treason Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
21 Yo No Se Terraform Stolen Body Ma
21 Mike Gruwell That GTown Sound Self-Released Mx/Ma
21 Custom V Self-Released Ma
20 The Bubbleators Infected Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
20 Marshall Law Band 12th & Pine Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
20 Black Ends Stay Evil Self-Released Mx/Ma
20 Lark Vs Owl Sells Itself Self-Released Ma
20 Yajaira Turbias Visiones EP Algo Records (Chile) CP/Mx/Ma
20 Erin Rae & The Heartbeets Lately Self-Released P/E/Mx
20 Slight Return Don't Take The Bait Self-Released CP/Mx
20 Barrett James Richard Back From Nowhere Knick Knack P/E/Mx/Ma
20 Molasses Barge A Grayer Dawn Argonauta Ma
20 Sky Cries Mary Secrets Of A Red Planet (my band, I play gtr!) Trail Records CP/E/Mx/Ma
20 Grannies Eat Our Dust Wondertaker P/E/Mx/Ma
20 Riot Cop The Violence P.I.G. Records Ma
20 Cutthroat Brothers Live In Europe Digital Warfare PP/Mx/Ma
20 Gravelroad Crooked Nation Knick Knack CP/E/Mx/Ma
20 Sorcia Sorcia Self-Released Ma
20 Evil On Repeat Mission To Rock Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
19 Slight Return The Sideshow Music Noises CP/E/Mx
19 Sweet Jesus Memoria Self-Released Ma
19 Dusty & Moira Innersexion Self-Released Ma
19 Shut Up ...Nope Capacitor Recs P/E/Mx/Ma
19 Butterfly Launches From Spar Pole Butterfly Launches From Spar Pole
(Krist Novoselic, Robert Michael Pyle, Ray Prestegard)
Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
19 Year Of The Cobra Ash & Dust Prophecy P/E/Mx/Ma
19 Cutthroat Brothers Taste For Evil Digital Warfare P/E/Mx/Ma
19 Barrett Martin Group Indwell Sunyata Mx
19 Van Conner Coming Back Again Strange Earth Ma
19 Crunchbird Shit Happens P.I.G. Records P/E/Mx/Ma
19 Gin & Tilyanna Rough You Up EP Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
19 Chemistry Set The Incomplete Fabulous Stinking (did 3 songs) Green Monkey CP/E/Mx
19 The Fury Failed Entertainment Run For Cover Mx
19 This Blinding Light Mountain EP Self-Released P/E/Mx
19 Fraktal Phantom Fraktal Phantom Sol Disk CP/Mx/Ma
19 Am Samstag "1" EP Black Market Music (Switz) Mx
19 Obol Dreaming Self-Released Ma
19 Urns Urns Self-Released Ma
19 Barbarian Wasteland Proxima Centauri Self-Released P/E/Mx
19 Laminates Laminates EP Self-Released P/E/Mx
19 Wolves In Argyle Dangereux Self-Released Ma
19 The Black Tones Cobain & Cornbread Self-Released P/E/Mx
19 MKB ULtra Folk Medicine (my band, I play gtr!) Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
19 Green River Rehab Doll DELUXE REMIX/REISSUE SubPop PP/E/Mx/Ma
19 Green River Dry As A Bone DELUXE REISSUE SubPop PP/E/Mx/Ma
19 Vanilla Milkshakes Punching Cows Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
19 REQ'D Fall In Love On Hate Street Wondertaker Mx/Ma
19 Tiny Holes City Of Siege: Olympia K Records PP/Mx/Ma
19 Giants In The Trees [Krist's Novoselic's band] Volume 2 Self-Released Ma
19 Barrett Martin Group Songs Of The Firebird Sunyata Mx
19 Derelicts Life Of Strife Digital Warfare P/E/Mx/Ma
19 Accused AD (Toe Tag) The Ghoul In The Mirror Blackhouse P/E/Mx
19 Love & Fury Planet Self-Released Mx
19 Virago Virago's Lament Self-Released E/Mx
19 Invernadero Entropia Self-Released (Chile) Ma
19 Susie G You & I (EP) Self-Released Mx/Ma
19 Zealandia 7.3 Billion Pascals & Counting Self-Released Ma
19 D.O.G.S. The Gate Self-Released (Japan) Mx
19 Linda From Work Two Weeks Notice (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
19 Piedra Ultimas Cosas Self-Released (Chile) P/E/Mx
19 Summoned By Giants Azimuth Self-Released Ma
18 Kara Hesse Sojourner Self-Released E
18 Windhand Eternal Return Relapse P/E/Mx/Ma
18 Zeke Hellbender Relapse P/E/Mx/Ma
18 Giants In The Trees [Krist's Novoselic's band] Giants In The Trees Self-Released Mx/Ma
18 Cutthroat Brothers Cutthroat Brothers Digital Warfare P/E/Mx/Ma
18 Beyond Captain Orca Beyond Captain Orca (my band, I play gtr!) Cosmic Primitive E/Mx/Ma
18 Barrett Martin Group Transcendence Sunyata E/Mx
18 Sky Cries Mary Thieves & Sirens (I play gtr!) Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
18 Maklak Age Of Anxiety Capacitor Recs P/E/Mx
18 Low Hums NightMagicWine Union Zero E/Mx
18 Lord Bishop Rocks Heavy 10 Dirty Earth Mx/Ma
18 Kings Of Cavalier Death Trip Self-Released P/E/Mx
18 Die Nasty "LP" Self-Released P/E/Mx
18 Skullbot Power Loader Strange Earth CP/E/Mx
18 Bearaxe Last Call (EP) Self-Released CP/E/Mx
18 Hundred Loud Risk Vs. Reward Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
18 Low-Grade Mortals Low-Grade Mortals Self-Released Ma
18 Jack Mattingly & Whiskey Fever Ocean Of Trouble Self-Released E/Mx (8 songs)
18 Antbath Antbath Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
18 Tough Shit Idiolithic Era Self-Released Mx/Ma
18 SixTwoSeven Already Gone DubSeven Ma
18 Elphaba Still At This Level Self-Released CP/E/Mx
17 New Pornographers Whiteout Conditions Concord E (some drums)
17 Astrol Waters Astrol Waters Cosmic Primitive P/E/Mx
17 Yajaira Post Tenebras Lux Algo Records (Chile) CP/E/Mx/Ma
17 Soundgarden Ultramega OK - DELUXE REMIX Reissue Sub Pop PP/Mx
17 Grindline The Band Rip Ride Die [R.I.P. MONK] Self-Released P/E/Mx
17 Black Beat Blue Hand Of Fate Self-Released P/E/Mx
17 U-Men U-Men Box Set Sub Pop PP/Mx
(+ "executive producer")
17 Gruntruck Gruntruck (Prev. Unreleased 3rd album) Found Records CP/E/Mx/Ma
17 Stag Saturday Morning EP Self-Released P/E/Mx
17 Denver Meat Packing Company Escape Self-Released Ma
17 Chemical Rage Beyond The Shadows Self-Released Mx
17 Kings Of Cavalier Sacred Fruit Self-Released CP/E/Mx
17 Ayron Jones Audio Paint Job Sunyata Mx
17 End Of Now The Present Gives Self Released P/E/Mx/Ma
17 Rubedo Vaca 20 Sided Records Mx
17 Yo No Se Soma Stolen Body Records Ma
17 Devils Hunt Me Down In Media Res Vol. 1, 2 & 3 (3 EPs) Self-Released P/E/Mx
17 Basment Sessions Volume 3 & 4 (+ played some gtr) Capacitor Records Mx/Ma
17 Piston Ready Scat Pack '68 Self-Released Mx
17 DT's Fuck It 10" EP (+ played gtr on 1 song) Valley King Records CP/E/Mx
17 Morning Glory Revival Morning Glory Revival Self-Released P/E/Mx
17 Ocelot Omelet Pleasure Trauma Self-Released P/E/Mx
17 Zebra Hunt In Phrases Tenorio Cotobade (Spain) CP/E
17 Sordera Sordera EP Self-Released (Chile) P/E/Mx/Ma
17 Reign Lee Bleeding Heart Self-Released Mx
16 Gravelroad Capitol Hill Country Blues Knick Knack P/E/Mx
16 Vanilla Milkshakes Tall People Have No Feelings K Records Ma
16 Nando Reis Jardin-Pomar (LATIN GRAMMY WINNER)
(and played gtr!)
Relicario-Deckdisc (Brazil) CP/E/Mx
16 TAD 8-Way Santa Reissue
(Remastering and mixed some demos)
Sub Pop Mx/Ma
16 TAD Salt Lick Reissue (Remastering) Sub Pop Ma
16 TAD God's Balls Reissue (Remastering) Sub Pop Ma
16 MKB Ultra MKB Ultra (my band, I play guitar!) Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
16 Black Clouds After All (played guest guitar also) Capacitor P/E/Mx/Ma
16 Cedell Davis Even The Devil Gets The Blues Sunyata E
16 Water Rats Hellway To High Self-Released (Brazil) P/E/Mx
16 Wild Parade Psychofiction EP Furios Discos (Chile) P/E/Mx
16 Green River 1984 Demos ("Album #0") Jackpot Mx
16 The Sonics Live At Easy Street Re:Vox PP/Mx
16 Gary Lee Conner Ether Trippers Strange Earth Mx
16 Nik Turner & Flame Tree Nik Turner & Flame Tree Purple Pyramid Mx
16 The Grannies & The Upper Crust Lords & Ladies split LP (mixed Grannies side) Saustex Media Mx
16 Ten Miles Wide The Gross (did 3 tracks) Self-Released P/E/Mx
16 Sir Coyler & The Asthmatic Band Don't Shake Five-Five Hole Recs CP/E/Mx
16 See By Sound See By Sound EP Self-Released CP/E/Mx
16 Walking Faces The Invisible Planet Cosmic Primitive Ma
16 Slight Return Vicious Tides Self-Released Mx
16 Monolith Wielder Monolith Wielder Argonauta Ma
16 Skullbot Megafarm Strange Earth CP/E/Mx
16 No Crown Hope In Doubt Self-Released CP/E/Mx
16 Skyscape Dr. Des Moines Eschatone Mx
16 Ashes To Oranges Inanimate Animal EP Self-Released Ma
16 SixTwoSeven SixTwoSeven EP Self-Released P/E/Mx
15 Nando Reis Voz*Violao: No Recreio Vol 1 Relicario-DeckDisc (Brazil) PP/Mx
15 The Stuntmen The Stuntmen Self-Released P/E/Mx
15 Windhand Grief's Infernal Flower Relapse P/E/Mx
15 The Ganjas Ghost River (Comp)
(did 5 tracks, 3 new, sang on one)
BYM (Chile) CP/E/Mx
15 Banda De La Muerte "8894" DHG (Argentina) P/E/Mx
15 Rocket Surgery Bliss (my band, played bass) Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
15 Into The Cold Into The Cold Self-Released E/Mx
15 Cancers Fatten The Leeches Flake (Japan) P/E/Mx
15 Animal Train Savage Enraged Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
15 Zombie Jihad You Will See Demons Self-Released Mx
15 Wounded Giant Wounded Giant/Goya (split EP)
(Wounded Giant songs)
STB Records E/Mx
15 Grannies Ballsier Saustex Media CP/Mx
15 Kultur Shock IX Self-Released CP/E/Mx
15 Slight Return Welcome To The D Self-Released Mx
15 Thom Celica GO (EP) Self-Released Ma
14 The Tripwires Get Young FOLC E
14 Tuatara Underworld Sunyata E/Mx
14 Piggy (feat. Ron Reyes) Undignified Sum Dum Fun CP/E (with Cecil English)
14 Soundgarden Echo Of Miles (rarities comp)
(5 tracks incl. "Storm")
A&M/Universal P/E/Mx
14 Jackrabbit Starts Jackrabbit Starts (EP) Self-Released E/M
14 Chris Newman Beachcomber Self-Released P/E/Mx
14 Toe Tag Toe Tag Conundrum P/E/Mx
14 Bürien I'm Addicted To Pills Self-Released CP/Mx
14 Kurt Raburn Cynicism Self-Released Ma
14 Monster Creep (Al Ensign) The Emperor (played bass too) Self-Released P/E/Mx
14 Upwell In Through The Outro Self-Released CP/E
14 Gravelroad El Scuerpo Knick Knack Records Mx
14 Basement Baby Basement Baby Self-Released Ma
14 Ramington Flashride Back To Seattle Self-Released (Germany) Mx
14 Crawler Crawler (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
14 The Ax The Ax (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
14 Vaporland (ex-Love Battery, TAD, Fluid) Vaporland Strange Earth Records Ma
14 Vaudeville Etiquette Debutantes & Dealers Sunyata Mx
14 Mythological Horses Mythological Horses Hovercraft Records Ma
14 Brain Scraper Desensitized Self-Released P/E/Mx
14 Ocelot Omelet Present In The Dark (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
14 Torch Burner All We Know Is Loud (EP) Self-Released Mx/Ma
14 Red Heart Alarm Hammer Anvil Stirrup Self-Released P/E/Mx
13 Nirvana In Utero Deluxe Reissue
(recorded 5, mixed 7 bonus tracks)
13 Mystery Ship Mystery Ship (Vinyl EP) Knick Knack Records P/E/Mx
13 Decline Effect Decline Effect 28:48 Records Ma
13 Toe Tag Here She Comes Again Conundrum P/E/Mx
13 Jack Endino Rumble (EP) FIN Records P/E/Mx
13 Basment Sessions Vol 1 & 2 (played some guitar too) Native Girl P/E/Mx/Ma
13 Witchburn Bathed In Blood Self-Released P/E/Mx
13 Fruiting Bodies Party Ends (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
13 Stag Test Patterns (EP) FIN Records P/E/Mx
13 Green Pajamas November Green Monkey E/Mx
13 Fruiting Bodies Dead Body/Living Cells (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
13 Hocus Outside Your Door Raunchola Ma
13 Corkelectric SEA to BE Self-Released CP/E/Mx
13 Peopletank Broken Self-Released P/E/Mx
13 Stag Stag FIN Records P/E/Mx
13 Heiress Early Frost Deathwish Inc P/E/Mx
13 Keynote Speaker Orange Self-Released CP/E/Mx
13 Privatized Air Refill Raunchola Ma
13 Wolf Snake Sun Blood In The Sky (EP) Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
13 Sons Of Hippies Griffons At The Gates Of Heaven Cleopatra Mx
13 Dilana Beautiful Monster
(also played some bass and guitar)
Self-Released P/E/Mx
13 Resident Kings Resident Kings RxEvolution Records P/E/Mx
13 Seeing Blind Let's Paint The Whole Room With It Self-Released P/E/Mx
13 7 Kinds Of Monkeys Search For Gold
(also played bass on this)
Self-Released (Brazil) P/E/Mx
13 Mosquito Hawk Mosquito Hawk RxEvolution Records P/E/Mx
13 Wounded Giant Lightning Medicine Snake Eye Mx/Ma
13 Mad Sneaks Incognita Pisces (Brazil) Ma
12 Kultur Shock Tales Of Granpa Guru (EP) Sel-Released P/E/Mx
12 Black Beat Blue Completely Different Animal Self-Released P/E/Mx
12 Snowbud & The Flower People (Feat. Chris Newman) Flashback Cavity Search P/E/Mx/Ma
12 Dead Language Home Burial Self-Released P/E/Mx
12 Urock Urock Radio Rock/Artatech/
Mafi/Yorpikus (Italy)
12 Valis Minds Thru Space And Time
(feat. Van Conner, ex-Screaming Trees)
Strange Earth Records P/E/Mx
12 Rocket Surgery Rocket Surgery (EP)
(played bass too)
Self-Released P/E/Mx
12 Nando Reis e Os Infernais Sei (played some guitar too) Infernal Producoes (Brazil) P/E/Mx
12 Walking Papers Walking Papers Sunyata (Reissued 2013 by Loud'n'Proud) E/Mx
12 Feast Feast Self-Released CP/E/Mx
12 Januariez Authentic Self-Released P/E/Mx
12 Jason Kertson & The Immortals Afraid (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
12 Gars Gruzy Absolutu, Rewizja Symboli No Sanctuary (Poland) Mx/Ma
12 Demon Dogs Demon Dogs (EP) Self-Released Mx
12 The Insurgence Elimi-Nation Digital Warfare/Inner Strength P/E/Mx
12 KOZO KOZO Self-Released P/E/Mx
12 Basment Sessions Basment Sessions Vol. 1
(...Also playing some guitar here.)
Friendo Mx
12 Slave Traitor Too High To Reach (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
12 Attica Attica (...Another record I recorded
in 1989 finally released! Features
ex-Nirvana drummer Aaron Burckhard)
Monster Music P/E
12 Electric Falcons Kick Rocks RxEvolution Records P/E/Mx
12 Barrett Martin Group Artifact Sunyata P/E/Mx
12 Load Levelers America... F**k Yeah! Splatterhouse P/E/Mx
12 Bitter End Have A Nice Death! (Demo recordings
from 1991 finally released!)
Metal On Metal P/E/Mx
12 Blue Star Creeper Climbing Down From The Moon Hammer & Anvil CP/E/Mx
12 Earthless/Premonition 13/Radio Moscow Earthless/Premonition 13/Radio Moscow LP
(recorded Earthless "live", all of side 1)
Volcom E
11 Black Tusk Set The Dial Relapse P/E/Mx
11 Various Artists Unreleased Singles C/Z (Digital Only) P/E/Mx
11 SXO Cats In Heat Self-Released Mx
11 Flux Capacitor Monolith Self-Released P/E/Mx
11 Grannies For Those About To Forget To Rock Wondertaker P/E/Mx
11 Barrett Martin Group Atlas Sunyata P/E/Mx
11 Screaming Trees Last Words: The Final Recordings Sunyata PP/Mx
11 Madam Trashy Madam Trashy Self-Released Mx
11 Crystal Antlers Two-Way Mirror Self-Released Mx
11 Kultur Shock Ministry Of Kultur Kultur Shock Records CP/E/Mx
11 Ganjas Resistance Algo Records (CHILE) P/E/Mx
11 Fonzarelli Last Chance Summer Dance Tsurumi P/E/Mx
11 Stag Paper Crown (EP) Self-Released CP/E/Mx
11 Voodoo Car Acid Wash Self-Released P/E/Mx
11 Stag These Times (EP) Self-Released CP/E/Mx
11 Matt Brooks See You Smile Self-Released Mx
11 Remission X Remission X (EP) Sonic Blood E/Mx
11 Rajar Olha O Sol... Self-Released (Brazil) CP/E/Mx
11 The Ax Fossils Of Our Kind Whoa! Boat P/E/Mx
10 The Insurgence The Insurgence Digital Warfare CP/E/Mx
10 The Sonics The Sonics "8" (EP)
(First new Sonics studio
recordings in 40+ yrs!)
The Sonics Record Co. CP/E/Mx
10 Jamie Nova The Softer Side (Singer from
Witchburn and ex-Hells Belles)
Pursuit CP/E/Mx/Ma
10 Idiot Culture Idiot Culture (Seattle band
formerly known as Dive)
Dadastic Mx
10 Joe Buck Yourself Piss And Vinegar Self-Released P/E/Mx
10 Valient Thorr Stranger Volcom Entertainment P/E/Mx
10 MakLak Maklak Self-Released CP/E/Mx
10 Early Man Death Potion The End Records P/E/Mx
10 Witchburn This Is How We Slay Our Demons Self-Released P/E/Mx
10 The DTs Live - Hot - Nasty Scatter (Argentina) Ma
10 Various Artists Pat Moriarity Presents a
Tribute to Bad Lyrics (One of the greatest records ever made by humans)
Ear Illusion Ma
10 Joe Buck Yourself Demon In My Head Self-Released P/E/Mx
10 Gary Reynolds &
The Brides of Obscurity
Switching On Switching Off Electrokitty P/E/Mx
10 Sex Zombies Infant-Free Dumpster Self-Released Mx/Ma
10 Dragstrip Riot Damn Magnum Twins P/E/Mx/Ma
10 Seahorse Tryin' Ta Care Sea Green Ma
10 Heads Of The Town Heads Of The Town Enki Media Ma
10 Kandi Coded Fell For The Gift
I play all lead guitar,
and sing lead on two songs.
Volcom Entertainment P/E/Mx
09 3 Inches Of Blood Here Waits Thy Doom Century Media P/E/Mx
09 Al Ensign Acoustic Vol. 4 Enki Music PP/Ma
09 Kultur Shock Integration Self-Released CP/E/Mx
09 Rajar (Brazil) Boa Viagem Self-Released CP/Mx
09 Flipper Love MVD Audio CP/E/Mx
09 Flipper Fight (Live) MVD Audio CP/E/Mx
09 Before Cars (Chad Channing) Walk Back Flotation CP/E/Mx
09 Valis Dark Matter Small Stone P/E/Mx
09 All Time High Friends In High Places Nicotine (Italy) CP/E/Mx
09 Grannies Hot Flashes Wondertaker Mx
09 The Beautiful Mothers Chikara Tsurumi E/Mx/Ma
09 Run For It Marty Spasmodic Intermittent Hesitation Orange Pants Mx
09 Skeleton Witch Breathing The Fire Prosthetic P/E/Mx
08 Motorik Klang! (3 tracks) Self-Released E
08 Toxic Holocaust An Overdose Of Death Relapse CP/E/Mx
08 Early Man Beware The Circling Fin The End Records PP/Mx
08 Space Cretins Direct From The Superfreak Highway Killing Pig CP/E/Mx/Ma
08 Me For Rent No Fancy Style Ammonia Records (Italy) Mx/Ma
08 Boss Martians Pressure In The S.O.D.O. Musick Recordings E/Mx
08 Jeff Dahl Back To Monkey City Steel Cage Mx/Ma
08 Slippage Tectonica
(I play bass and real drums here)
Self-Released P/E/Mx
08 Allen Ensign Allen Ensign Volume 3 Enki Music Ma
08 Touchers Blithe
(This is great. RIP, Ben Spangler... )
Mental Records Mx
08 The Dead Rocks One Million Dollar Surf Band Monstro Discos (Brazil) Mx
08 Valient Thorr Immortalizer Volcom Entertainment P/E/Mx
08 Various Artists (MOJO Presents) Sub Pop 300
(free with Aug 2008 issue of
MOJO, did 5 out of 15 tracks)
Sub Pop/MOJO P/E/Mx
08 Upwell Sell The Sky Self-Released P/E/Mx
08 Black Halos We Are Not Alone History Music P/E/Mx/Ma
08 Al Milman Sect
Stitches In My Head (30th Anniversary) Flotation Records Ma
08 Black Clouds Wishing Well Self-Released Mx/Ma
08 24 Hour Church Of Beer Sacrelicious Vagrant Records Seattle CP/E/Mx
08 Kultur Shock Live In Europe Self-Released Mx
08 The Insurgence Never Surrender (EP) Basement Records CP/E/Mx/Ma
07 Hell On Heels Dogs, Records & Wine Dionysus P/E/Mx/Ma
07 The Moog Sold For Tomorrow Musick Recordings Mx
07 Herbert Friendly Trio The Off-White Album Nowhere Fast P/E/Mx
07 High On Fire Death Is This Communion Relapse P/E/Mx
07 Grannies Incontinence (Outtakes & Demos)
(worked on 8 songs)
Wondertaker Records P/E/Mx
07 Kandi Coded Time Wasted Is Not Wasted Time
(also played guitar on 4 songs)
07 Swallow Teach Your Bird To Sing
(At long last, the third Swallow album, mostly recorded in 1990!)
Flotation Records P/E/Mx
07 Child Support Come To Amerika (Reissue) Enki Music Ma
07 Zombie Jihad Long Bloody Road Into Heaven Self-Released P/E/Mx
07 The Chemical Wedding Chemical Wedding Mu Records P/E/Mx
07 Martian Speed Wobbles (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
07 Magnaaflux Half A Mil Is The New Five Grand Self-Released CP/E/Mx
07 Touchers The Underwater Fascist Global Seepej P/E/Mx/Ma
07 The DTs Filthy Habits
(did 6 tunes)
Get Hip P/E/Mx
07 Child Support IS (Reissue) Enki Music Ma
07 Seahorse (Al Ensign) 50 Watt Marshall Enki Music PP/Ma
07 Mercury Four Codename: Aurora Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
07 Razorburns Razorburns EmancyPunx (Poland!) P/E/Mx
07 Al Ensign Acoustic Vol. 2 Enki Music P/E/Mx/Ma
07 Al Ensign Acoustic Vol. 1 Enki Music P/E/Mx/Ma
07 Going South Strength In Numbers Self-Released CP/E/Mx
06 Biography Of Ferns Pastel Gothic
(This is my 300th record! - JE)
Tellous P/E/Mx
06 Free Verse Arranging The Dead Fish The Cat P/E/Mx/Ma
06 Holy Terror El Revengo
(remixed old HT songs from 1986)
Blackened Mx
06 The Lonely Forest Regicide (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
06 The Atomic Bitchwax Boxriff (EP) Meteor City P/E
06 Grannies Gumjob Wondertaker P/E/Mx
06 Keynote Speaker The Musical Heatstroke P/E/Mx
06 Wad Tails From The Short Bus Vagrant (Seattle) P/E/Mx
06 Ain't Washing The Blood Off Wondertaker P/E/Mx
06 Winnebago Deal Flight Of The Raven Fierce Panda P/E/Mx
06 Optimus Rhyme School The Indie Rockers Narcofunk P/E/Mx
06 American School Of Warsaw Principals of Combustion Self-Released P/E/Mx
06 Accüsed The Baked Tapes(did 6 songs) Condar Records P/E/Mx
06 Rose Legacy Self-Released Mx/Ma
06 Lopez The Sound Of Alcohol South Spit Records P/E/Mx/Ma
06 JED Synesthesia Self-Released Mx
06 Various Artists Sleepless in Seattle: Birth of Grunge
(Did 7 out of 20 tracks)
Livewire Recordings P/E/Mx
06 Zamarro The Beast Is On Your Track Supermodern (Germany) P/E/Mx
06 Thunderfist Too Fat For Love ECG P/E/Mx
05 The Insurgence Statutory of Liberty (EP) Riot, Riot P/E/Mx/Ma
05 Star Apple Theory Sea Salt & Lemons Self-Released Mx/Ma
05 Milman-Brignall Enigma Bafflemania
...also played bass
Florence P/E/Mx/Ma
05 Gruff Mummies Fogged Nights and Porcelain Eyes Self-Released PP/Ma
05 Titãs MTV AO VIVO (Live: MTV Brazil DVD)
Sony-BMG Brazil P/E/Mx
05 Nirvana Sliver: Best of the Box
Did 4 tracks, one prev. unreleased. Safe to assume it's platinum...
05 Jack Endino Permanent Fatal Error Wondertaker.com P/E/Mx/Ma
05 Lucid Nation Public Domain:
The Best Of Lucid Nation
Brain Floss Records Ma
05 MENTORS Over The Top Church Of El Duce Ma
05 Key Note Speaker Fiction Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
05 Dog Bone Sanctuary Baptized By Fire Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
05 Titãs MTV AO VIVO (Live: MTV Brazil CD)
Sony-BMG Brazil P/E/Mx
05 MAKERS Everybody Rise! Kill Rock Stars P/E/Mx
05 The DTs Nice'n'Ruff: Hard Soul Hits Vol. 1 Estrus/GP Records (Spain) CP/E/Mx/Ma
05 Jodi Hates The World A Comet Tale Life JHTW P/E/Mx/Ma
05 The Beautiful Mothers Half American Serviceman Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
05 Gunnbunny-Deguello-Holiday
"4x EP" (Quadruple EP) Hanging Out With The Cool Kids (UK) Ma
05 Jerel The Rubicon Backshack Records Mx
05 Zeke Zeke & Peter Pan Speedrock Split CD
(recorded 4 Zeke tracks, mastered 6)
Bitzcore (Germany) P/E/Mx/Ma
05 Black Halos Alive Without Control Liquor & Poker/Century Media P/E/Mx/Ma
05 Mico De Noche Balls Deep Buttermilk Ma
05 Accüsed Oh Martha! Condar CP/E/Mx
05 Upwell Number Nine (EP)
(I'm on bass!)
Self-Released CP/E/Mx/Ma
(and played bass)
05 The Stivs Sweet Heartache And The Satisfaction Boot To Head P/E/Mx
05 Space Cretins Rocket Roll Killing Pig CP/E/Mx/Ma
05 The Mothers Anger Sniper Self-Released E/Mx
05 Spazms Watch Me Burn Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
05 JP Hansen Not Broken (EP) Self-Released E/Mx/Ma
05 Army Of Robots Secret To Everybody
Some engineering on several tracks
Self-Released E
05 The Crash Harder Viva Lost Wages Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Thunderfist Loud Fast Rock & Roll ECG Records P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Epigene Popular Dissent Ammammi Music Mx
04 Black Furies Black Furies Take Root Ma
04 NIRVANA With The Lights Out BOX SET
"Project Consultant", and produced 7 tracks.
04 Lightyear Faceless In The Crowd OMR Mx/Ma
04 Garland Buckeye On Burgin Hill Jet Glue Mx/Ma
04 Garland Buckeye The Approximation (EP) Jet Glue Mx/Ma
04 BuzzFactor BuzzFactor Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
04 MAKERS Stripped Kill Rock Stars P/E/Mx
04 Twink The Wonder Kid Twink The Wonder Kid King Beagle Ma
04 Winnebago Deal Dead Gone Double Dragon (UK) P/E/Mx
04 Shakedowns Shakedowns Morphius P/E/Mx
04 St. Bushmill's Choir St. Bushmill's Choir Empty Records US P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Common Heroes Common Heroes (EP) Self-Released P/E/Mx
04 Guillotina Volumen MW Records (Mexico) Ma
04 Free Verse Generator Buttermilk/Rodent Popsickle P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Murdock Amplification Local Cannery P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Les Hell On Heels Les Hell On Heels BOMP! P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Grannies Erected Lady Man Wondertaker P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Jesus Chords Country is a Four Letter Word (Double CD)
(Recorded one, mastered both)
Self-Released P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Nitwitz Nibble The Giblet (Vinyl) (seven tracks) Pitshark (France) P/E/Mx
04 Going South Going South (feat. Katy Cornell) Southerly Trends P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Harkonen/These Arms
Are Snakes
Like A Virgin (Split EP) Hydra Head CP/E/Mx
04 Various Artists Death Rattle & Roll Vol. 1 (worked on many tracks) Wondertaker P/E/Mx
04 ZEKE 'Til The Living End RELAPSE P/E/Mx
04 Kultur Shock Kultura-Dictatura Koolarrow CP/E
04 RC5 Gotta Getaway! Twenty Stone Blatt (UK) P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Zamarro Lust In Translation Supermodern (Germany) P/E/Mx
04 Optimus Rhyme Optimus Rhyme Narcofunk CP/E/Mx
04 The Artichoke Project Stimoceiver Trolley Stop P/E/Mx/Ma
04 Toucans Steel Drum Band Beak Sounds Tropico CP/E
04 The Bronze The Bronze Riffrite P/E/Mx
03 Alta May Dark Days (recorded 5 songs) Glazed Records P/E
03 Harkonen Dancing (EP) Initial P/E/Mx
03 The Boss Martians The Set-Up MuSick Recordings E/Mx/Ma
03 Jerel Post-Basement Pre-Attic Backshack Records P/E/Mx
03 The Gits Enter: The Conquering Chicken
(Deluxe Reissue - Remixed)
Broken Rekids PP/Mx
03 The Spades The Seattle Sessions Suburban (NL) P/E/Mx
03 SOLGER CODEX1980 eMpTy Records US PP/E/Ma
03 Biography of Ferns Memory's Servant Tellous Records P/E/Mx/Ma
03 Load Levelers 100% Pure Barncore Direct Music Group P/E/Mx/Ma
03 Nirvana Nirvana (Best-of) (I only did 2 songs, but what the hell!
Hey Geffen, where's my platinum record??)
Geffen P/E/Mx
03 The Gits Frenching The Bully (Deluxe Reissue - Remixed) Broken Rekids PP/Mx
03 Flamethrower Flamethrower Dead Teenager PP/Mx
03 Post Stardom Depression Ordinary Miracles(*recorded most, mixed all but one) The Control Group CP/E/PP/M*
03 Angry Amputees Slut Bomb Dead Teenager PP/Mx
03 The 100th Monkey Looking At My World(*prod/recorded some, mixed all) Narcofunk Records CP/E/M*
03 Camarosmith Camarosmith Dead Teenager P/E/Mx
03 Bottles & Skulls Born in a Black Light Sick Room Records P/E/Mx
03 Upwell Replica www.upwell.org CP/E/Mx
03 Mighty Shiny Mighty Shiny Anatomic P/E/Mx
03 Gloryholes Want A Divorce Dirt Nap P/E/Mx/Ma
03 Combover Songs About Sunshine (*mixed half the record) King Beagle CP/E/Mx*
03 Blue Raincoat Small Town Addiction [REISSUED 2019] Europeans Records (Poland) Ma [REMASTERED FOR VINYL 2019]
02 Zen Guerrilla Heavy Mellow 'Live' (EP) (2 studio tracks) Flapping Jet P/E/Mx
02 Hot Hot Heat Make Up the Breakdown (*except 6 songs remixed by Chris Walla) Sub Pop/Warners P/E/Mx*
02 Feederz Vandalism: Beautiful as a Rock... Broken Rekids P/E/Mx
02 Whores of Babylon Gothic Garages Self-Released P/E/Mx
02 Dirty Power Dirty Power Dead Teenager P/E/Mx
02 Emily Ayn For What It Means Knot Known P/E/Mx
02 Spiritu Spiritu Meteor City P/E/Mx
02 Nebula Dos EP's (5 songs) Meteor City P/E/Mx
02 Gloryholes Knock You Up (worked with Tim Kerr) eMpTy US E/Ma
02 Lawn Mowers
(ex-Sister Psychic guys)
Fearless Good-Ink PP/Mx
02 Fartz Injustice Alternative Tentacles P/E/Mx/Ma
02 Gas Huffer The Rest Of Us Estrus CP/E/Mx
02 Midnight Thunder Express Midnight Thunder Express eMpTy US P/E/Mx/Ma
02 Grannies Taste The Walker Dead Teenager Mx
02 Dog Toffee Sacred Heart State of Decay (UK) PP/Mx
02 Zen Guerrilla Plasmic Tears and the Invisible City
(Original Soundtrack)
Insect CP/PP/E/Mx
01 Black Halos The Violent Years Sub Pop P/E/Mx
01 Titãs A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos da Última Semana (transl: 'The best band of all time of last week') Platinum in Brazil! Abril Music (Brasil) P/E/Mx
01 Skin Yard Start at the Top (Rarities Comp) C/Z P/E/Mx/Ma
01 RC5 American Rock and Roll 20 Stone Blatt (UK) P/E/Mx/Ma
01 Therapy? Shameless Ark21 P/E/Mx
01 Various Artists Scene Killer Meteor City PP/Mx
01 Mercury Four Endless Beach Self-Released P/E/Mx
01 Zen Guerrilla Shadows on the Sun Sub Pop P/E/Mx
01 Nando Reis Para Quando O Arco Iris... Warner Brasil CP/E
01 Garland Buckeye More Seas Than Before Hello Records Mx
01 Bluebottle Kiss Gangsterland (EP) (2 of 4 songs) Shock (Australia) P/E/Mx
01 Undisputed Heavyweight
Stay Down Starvation Records P/E/Mx/Ma
01 Load Levelers Got Bills To Pay Rat's Ass P/E/Mx/Ma
01 The Fartz What's in a Name? Alternative Tentacles P/E/Mx
01 Hog Molly (TAD's band) Kung Fu Cocktail Grip Koolarrow P/E/Mx
01 The Grannies The Grannies Dead Teenager Mx
01 Sid Law All The Mornings of the World Self-Released CP/E/Mx
00 Guillotina Erre O Ce Ka Sum Records (Mexico) Ma
00 The Monkeywrench Electric Children (co-prod. w/Tim Kerr) Estrus Records CP/E/Mx
00 The Gits Seafish Louisville (mixed and mastered it) Broken Rekids PP/Mx/Ma
00 Saint Bushmill's Choir Give 'Em Enough Booze (EP) (mixed 3 songs) Broken Rekids Mx/Ma
00 Various Artists (Comp. CD) 5 Fingers of Dr. X (4 Black Halos tracks) Triple X Records P/E/Mx
00 The No-WTO Combo (Biafra,
Novoselic, Kim Thayil)
Live From The Battle in Seattle Alternative Tentacles PP/Mx
00 Bundle of Hiss Sessions '86-'88 Loveless Records P/E/Mx/Ma
00 More Republica Masonica Chemical Love Songs Zona Musica (Portugal) P/E/Mx/Ma
00 Load Levelers Load Levelers Rat's Ass P/E/Mx/Ma
00 Crush Groove Prizefighter Music Avenue (Belgium) P/E/Mx
00 Steve Detray Signs of Life Self-Released E/Mx/Ma
00 Mudhoney March to Fuzz 2-CD best-of comp. (did 20+ tracks) Sub Pop CP/E/Mx
99 Hot Rod Lunatics Psychoaccelerator (EP) MAG Records P/E/Mx/Ma
99 Bullet Train To The Sun Love Static Beetle Green Ma
99 Us Of All Us Of All Outraged P/E/Mx
99 Titãs As Dez Mais (Platinum in Brazil!) Warner Music Brasil P/E/Mx
99 RC5 Kicked Out 10-inch (EP) Estate Records P/E/Mx/Ma
99 Quadrajets When The World's On Fire (co-prod. w/Tim Kerr) Estrus CP/E/Mx
99 Bell A New Kind Of Rome (tracked 5 songs) Yeah It's Rock E
99 Square of David Squarely Beloved Novo Combustivel (US) Mx
99 Burning Heads Escape Epitaph Europe/Victory Music P/E/Mx
99 Supersuckers The Greatest Rock and Roll Band In the World
(did 7 songs out of 27)
Sub Pop P/E/Mx
99 Nebula To The Center Sub Pop P/E/Mx
99 Zen Guerrilla Trance States in Tongues Sub Pop P/E/Mx
99 Nerves New Animal Thrilljockey P/E/Mx
99 Watts Watts Estrus P/E/Mx
99 Black Halos Black Halos Die Young Stay Pretty P/E/Mx
99 Elevator Through Vague Premonition Sub Pop Mx
99 Nebula Sun Creature (EP) (2 of the 4 songs) Man's Ruin P/E/Mx
99 Nebula Nebula/Lowrider double EP (recorded 3 Nebula songs) Meteor City P/E/Mx
98 Zeke Kicked in the Teeth Epitaph CP/E/Mx/Ma
98 Bullyproof Uno Glancero Krafty Stack (Canada) P/E/Mx
98 Guillotina Mientras El Resto Sigue Sum Records (Mexico) P/E/Mx/Ma
98 Murder City Devils Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts Sub Pop P/E/Mx
98 Crime Family Rock Cartel Sesha Press P/E/Mx
98 Escarbarme Circular Opcion Sonica (Mexico) Ma
98 Riesgo De Contagio Un Domingo Familia Opcion Sonica (Mexico) Ma
98 The Makers Psychopathia Sexualis Estrus CP/E/Mx
98 Baba Cosmica O Que Voce Quiser Universal (Brazil) Mx
98 Spiderbait "Live in Canada and Australia" CD
(tracked 5 songs)
Polydor (Australia) P/E
98 Ten Minute Warning Ten Minute Warning Sub Pop Mx
98 Hai Karate Hai Karate (EP) Man's Ruin P/E/Mx
98 Bell Perfect Math (EP) Yeah, It's Rock P/E/Mx/Ma
98 The Day I Fell Down Sweet To Be Strange Gold Circle/Samson Music P/E
97 Ain't If It's Illegal To Rock And Roll,
Then Throw My Ass In Jail
Gluttony P/E/Mx
97 Thrown-ups Seven Years Golden (finally on CD!) Amrep CP/E/Mx
97 Green Lizard The Nine (EP) DTM Holland P/E/Mx
97 Mono Men Have a Nice Day, Motherfucker Estrus PP/Mx
97 Shark Chum Tres Homeboys Rat's Ass P/E/Mx
96 Bruce Dickinson Skunkworks Castle P/E/Mx
96 Teen Angels Daddy Sub Pop P/E/Mx
96 Guillotina Rock Mata Pop Warner Mexico P/E/Mx
96 Various Artists HYPE! Soundtrack (mixed most songs) Sub Pop PP/Mx
96 Bluebottle Kiss Fear of Girls Murmur/Sony Australia P/E/Mx
96 Fitz of Depression Swing K Records P/E/Mx
95 Spike Whelmed (half of it) Y P/E/Mx
95 Terry Lee Hale The Wilderness Years
(recorded 5 songs)
Glitterhouse (Germany) CP/E/Mx
95 Titãs Domingo (Gold in Brazil!) Warner Brasil P/E/Mx
95 Malfunkshun Return to Olympus Loosegroove P/E
95 Tad Infrared Riding Hood Elektra P/E/Mx
95 Mudhoney My Brother the Cow Warner/Reprise CP/E/Mx
94 Mark Lanegan
(Screaming Trees singer)
Whiskey For the Holy Ghost (several tracks) Sub Pop P/E
94 Gas Huffer The Shrill Beeps of Shrimp (EP) (4 of 8 songs) AuGoGo (Australia) P/E/Mx
94 Dancing French Liberals of '48 (Ex-Gits) Scream Clown Scream (EP) Broken Rekids E
94 Derelicts Going Out of Style '86-'90 Empty P/E/Mx
94 Burning Heads Dive PIAS (France) P/E/Mx
94 Vexed Cathexis (co-prod w/Rich Hinklin) C/Z CP/E/Mx
94 Smashing Orange No Return in the End MCA Mx
94 Fitz of Depression Let's Give it a Twist K Records P/E/Mx
94 Mike Johnson
(Dino Jr. bassist)
Where Am I? Up CP/E/Mx
94 Seven Year Bitch Viva Zapata C/Z P/E/Mx
94 Rausch Massive Polygram Germany Mx
94 Kerbdog Kerbdog Phonogram UK P/E/Mx
94 Guillotina Guillotina Warner Mexico P/E/Mx
94 Bucket Brother Fear Self-Released P/E/Mx
93 Unearth Everything Was Beautiful New Rage P/E/Mx
93 Fallouts Here I Come and Other Hits Estrus P/E/Mx
93 Babes in Toyland Painkiller (EP) Warner P/E
93 Hazel Toreador of Love Sub Pop CP/E/Mx
93 Skin Yard Inside the Eye Cruz P/E/Mx
93 Titãs Titanomaquia
(Gold in Brazil)
Warner Brasil P/E/Mx
93 Boghandle Worth Dying For Sony Denmark P/E/Mx
93 Loveslug Circus of Values Glitterhouse Germany P/E/Mx
93 Dirt Fishermen Vena Cava C/Z P/E/Mx
92 Valentine Saloon Super Duper Pipeline P/E/Mx
92 Endino's Earthworm Endino's Earthworm Cruz P/E/Mx
92 Boghandle Step on it Rock Owl (Denmark) P/E/Mx
92 Gas Huffer Integrity, Technology & Service Empty CP/E/Mx
92 Nirvana Incesticide (Gold!) (7 out of 15 tracks) Geffen P/E/Mx
92 Willard Steel Mill Roadrunner P/E/Mx
92 Hungry Crocodiles 100,000,000 Watts Swamptown P/E/Mx
92 Alien Boys Doom Picnic (EP) Gun-Germany P/E/Mx
92 Rein Sanction Mariposa Sub Pop P/E/Mx
92 Supersuckers The Smoke of Hell Sub Pop P/E/Mx
92 Coffin Break Thirteen Epitaph P/E/Mx
92 Gruntruck Push (co-prod w/Gary King) Roadrunner CP/E/Mx
92 Zip Gun Eight-Track Player Empty P/E/Mx
92 Fire Ants Stripped (EP) Dekema P/E/Mx
92 Seaweed Weak Sub Pop P/E/Mx
91 Icky Joey Pooh C/Z P/E/Mx
91 Treepeople Guilt, Regret & Embarassment
(did 6 songs)
Toxic Shock P/E/Mx
91 Various Artists 'The Grunge Years' Compilation
(9 of 13 songs)
Sub Pop P/E/Mx
91 Coffin Break Crawl Epitaph P/E/Mx
91 Coffin Break No Sleep Till the Stardust Motel C/Z P/E/Mx
91 Various Artists Teriyaki Asthma Vol. 1-5 comp C/Z P/E/Mx
91 Don't Mean Maybe Real Good Life Dr. Dream P/E/Mx
91 Olivelawn Sophomore Jinx Cargo P/E/Mx
91 Weather Theatre Dusk Angry Fish Germany CP/E
91 Derelicts Don't Wanna Live (EP) Sub Pop E/Mx
91 Love and Respect Love and Respect Penultimate P/E/Mx
91 Gas Huffer Janitors of Tomorrow Empty CP/E/Mx
91 Accüsed Straight Razor (EP) Nastymix P/E/Mx
91 Seaweed Despised (EP) Sub Pop P/E/Mx
91 Skin Yard 1000 Smiling Knuckles Cruz P/E/Mx
90 Primevals Dig Nibelung P/E
90 Gruntruck Inside Yours Empty/Roadrunner P/E/Mx
90 Olivelawn Sap Cargo P/E/Mx
90 L7 Smell the Magic (EP) (half of it incl. "Shove") Sub Pop P/E/Mx
90 Swallow Sourpuss Glitterhouse Germany P/E/Mx
90 Love Battery Between the Eyes
(some tracks co-prod w/Steve Fisk)
Sub Pop CP/E/Mx
90 Daddy Hate Box Sugar Plow (EP) New Rage P/E/Mx
90 Various Artists Bobbing for Pavement comp (4 tracks) Rathouse CP/E/Mx
90 Accüsed Grinning Like an Undertaker Nastymix P/E/Mx
90 Accüsed Hymns for the Deranged (EP) (4 tracks) Empty P/E/Mx
90 Treepeople Time Whore (EP) (CD reissue remixed by Fisk) Silence (CD reissue on C/Z) P/E/Mx
90 Thee Hypnotics Come Down Heavy Beggars Banquet U.K. Mx
90 Vexed The Good Fight C/Z CP/E/Mx
90 Blue Cheer Highlights and Lowlives Nibelung Germany P/E/Mx
90 Loveslug Beef Jerky Glitterhouse Germany P/E/Mx
90 Coffin Break Rupture C/Z P/E/Mx
90 Dwarves Blood, Guts & Pussy Sub Pop P/E/Mx
90 Deadspot Built in Pain C/Z P/E/Mx
90 Mark Lanegan
(Screaming Trees singer)
The Winding Sheet
(co-prod w/Lanegan & Mike Johnson)
Sub Pop CP/E/Mx
90 Babes in Toyland Spanking Machine Twin-Tone P/E/Mx
90 Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy
(Screaming Trees' Van Conner)
New Alliance CP/E/Mx
90 Various Artists Fuck Me I'm Rich Comp Waterfront Australia P/E/Mx
90 Afghan Whigs Up In It Sub Pop CP/E/Mx
90 Skin Yard Fist Sized Chunks Cruz P/E/Mx
90 Jack Endino Angle of Attack Bobok, LTD. P/E/Mx
90 Thrown-ups Thrown-ups Glitterhouse Germany P/E/Mx
90 Derelicts Love Machine Penultimate P/E/Mx
89 Helios Creed The Last Laugh Amrep CP/E/Mx
89 Various Artists Dope, Guns... Comp (several tracks) Amrep P/E/Mx
89 Various Artists Another Pyrrhic Victory comp C/Z P/E/Mx
89 Mudhoney Mudhoney Sub Pop CP/E/Mx
89 Cat Butt Journey to the Center of Cat Butt (EP) Sub Pop P/E/Mx
89 Coffin Break Psychosis (EP) C/Z P/E/Mx
89 Nirvana Bleach Platinum! Sub Pop P/E/Mx
89 Boom Boom G.I. (Laura Love) Don't Know What I'll Wear Boom Boom P/E/Mx
89 Screaming Trees Buzz Factory SST P/E/Mx
89 Swallow Swallow Tupelo/Sub Pop P/E/Mx
89 Big Tube Squeezer I Have a Thing For Love Candy From a Stranger CP/E/Mx
89 Fluid Roadmouth Sub Pop P/E/Mx
89 Tad God's Balls Sub Pop P/E/Mx
88 SGM Aggression Restless P/E/Mx
88 Skin Yard Hallowed Ground Toxic Shock P/E/Mx
88 Suicide Squad Suicide Squad Music for Nations U.K. E/Mx
88 Jimmy Bee & The Stingers Language of Tail Wagging Beeswax P/E/Mx
88 Blood Circus Primal Rock Therapy (EP) Sub Pop P/E/Mx
88 Mudhoney Superfuzz Bigmuff Sub Pop CP/E/Mx
88 Various Artists Sub Pop 200 Triple EP Box Set Sub Pop CP/E/Mx
88 Various Artists Secretions Comp C/Z P/E/Mx
88 Weather Theatre Weather Theatre (EP) Sun and Steel P/E/Mx
87 Green River Dry as a Bone (EP) Sub Pop CP/E/Mx
87 Soundgarden Screaming Life (EP) Sub Pop P/E/Mx
87 Skin Yard Skin Yard C/Z P/E/Mx

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