PRODUCTION - What most people want from me: a mad-scientist combination of engineering and technical chops, musical knowledge, psychological skill and empathy, problem-solving ability, extreme patience, and experience x1000. I have a razor-sharp ear for tuning and timing, deep knowledge and high standards for guitar tones (including extreme distortion), and a good ear for vocal harmonies (I'll even sing 'em for you). I am particularly good with song arrangements, if they come up for discussion. I'm fast and very efficient, routinely work long hours, and will not waste your studio time, BUT you may have to come to Seattle.

ENGINEERING - Same as "production" but mostly just the technical part of the job: maybe you don't need my opinion about anything, and just want it to sound good.

MIXING - You record it elsewhere, send me the files, and I just do the final stereo mixdown. This is a good way to save money but still get my skills and aesthetic applied to your record.

MASTERING - I never promoted myself as a mastering engineer, but people are onto me now and refuse to let me stop! So after doing it casually since 1998 I'm finally starting to take mastering work pretty seriously. As of 2018 it's about a third of my work.

"FORENSIC" AUDIO - I've "baked" and/or otherwise resurrected hundreds of old tapes, cassettes, multitracks, ADAT tapes, DATs, vinyl records when the master tapes were lost, etc. I don't offer these services a la carte, but only when they are related to something else I'm already working on.

PLAYING - I REALLY don't promote this as a 'service', but the fact is, I'm a darn good rock bass player and rhythm guitarist, and also play badass tambourine, though my lead guitar playing is quite eccentric and not for everyone. I'm also a recovering ex-drummer. Playing on records I produce makes me very uneasy, as it's a terrible left brain vs. right brain conflict, and it's the band's record, not my record. But... I have ended up playing on a lot of records, usually because someone asked me and was persistent.

BONUSES - I can bias (and re-cap) your tube amp, tune your drums, set up and intonate your guitar or bass better than the last guy who did it, AND you can test drive anything in my sizeable amp collection.

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