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The Best Way To Do Cassette Transfers - Don't transfer another cassette into your computer EVER without reading this.
Guitar Tuning Nightmares Explained - As originally printed in TapeOp (with some corrections).
Explaining the Verb "TO YARL." - Friends don't let friends yarl.
How to Overproduce a Rock Record. - Detailed instructions! As reprinted in The Tape Op Book.
Some thoughts on Layne Staley's death.
Gallery of old Mexican Tube Amplifiers! Photos and descriptions.
Recording Guillotina's third album in Mexico City, Sep '98, with lots of photos.
Two Schools of Production Philosophy
Review of Terrastock West, April '98, San Francisco: 3 days, 38 bands
Response Curves of Analog Tape Recorders
A Visit to Manzanar

Past Newsletters

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Newsletter Oct 2016 - How did so much time go by? Still at it...
Newsletter 14.1 (09/2011) - Produced a zillion more records, plus the latest cycle of "grunge anniversaries" besiege me with media folks once more.
Newsletter 13.1 (02/2008) - R.I.P. BEN McMILLAN, singer for Skin Yard and Gruntruck. Gigs with my bands. Recording Boss Martians, Upwell and Valient Thorr, mixing Kultur Shock.
Newsletter 12.1 (08/2007) - My bands Slippage and Kandi Coded, recording High On Fire, seeing Radio Birdman and Blue Cheer, meeting Iggy Pop, etc.
Newsletter 11.0 (05/2006) - Cool stuff that happened last year, Andy Wood movie, AIC, a grunge comp, PFE, etc etc.
Newsletter 10.0 (10/2005) - Brazil again, my first surround 5.1 mixing experience, MySpace, my new CD, etc etc.
Newsletter 9.2 (12/2004) - The Nirvana Box, and an explanation of "baking tapes".
UNSENT Newsletter 9.1 PART 2 (4/2004) - A caustic rant about MYTH. I didn't send it out... I should have.
Newsletter 9.1 (4/2004) - Breaking my long silence about Nirvana, 10 Years after Kurt's death.
Newsletter 9.0 (2/2004) - Some records I did, the Andy Wood movie, and Jack's Weedfile Cafe opens for business. [Weedshare file sharing: R.I.P.]
Newsletter 8.0 (11/2003) - Announcing WEED File Sharing. [An early, now-failed attempt at music-file-sales.]
Newsletter 7.0 (12/2002) - Best bands I worked with in 2002.
Newsletter 6.1 (10/2001) - Three months in Brazil = lots of water under the bridge.
Newsletter 6.0 (3/2001) - Recording Therapy?, an earthquake, and some interesting technical links.
Newsletter 5.3 (11/2000) - I made a bunch more records. Also, playing in Wellwater Conspiracy and Brotherhood of the Electric.
Newsletter 5.2 (8/2000) - Original source of the article on Yarling, plus some Seattle news.
Newsletter 5.1 (6/2000) - Some ranting about Minidisc and 5.1 Mixing. [I was not wrong.]
Newsletter 5.0 (3/2000) - First Newsletter of the New Millenium... vastly significant, eh?
Newsletter 4.2 (12/1999) - Fin-de-Siecle Wrap-Up: TEOTWAWKI...
Newsletter 4.1 (10/1999) - A long-overdue update.
Newsletter 4.0 (1/1/1999) - Happy New Year! Original source of my article "How to Overproduce a Rock Record".
Newsletter 3.4 (11/1998) - Ready for "stoner rock"?
Newsletter 3.3 (10/1998) - News and Lots More Ranting.
Newsletter 3.2 (07/1998) - News and Ranting.
Newsletter 3.1 (06/1998) - More Seattle news.
Newsletter 3.0 (02/1998) - DVD and HDTV: Ready to throw away your stereos, televisions, cassettes, CDs and videotapes? Plus some Seattle news.
Newsletter 2.8 (12/1997) A Couple of "Warnings" - Ten Minute Warning and the new Spice Girls.
Newsletter 2.7 (11/1997) More Stuff - Source of books, the MPGA, saving $$ with ADATs.
Newsletter 2.5 (9/1997) News and Anecdotes - "The Saints Go Marching In" vs. "The Number of the Beast"
Newsletter 2.0 (9/1997) Tubes, Tape and Digital
Newsletter 1.0 (7/1997) Greetings

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