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17 Jan 2022

The title of my new album, "Set Myself On Fire", seems strangely timely (summing up my current worldview) for an album that I THOUGHT I had finished 9 years ago. Good thing Fin Records went under in 2013, so I could get a new band and write new songs, and then the 2020 lockdown enabled me to truly finish what ended up as a much better record. (You have to find the positive where you can.) 15 songs in 39 minutes. Vinyl and CD are available from Capacitor Records. It was hard to follow up Permanent Fatal Error, but I did it. And I'm still in 4 bands (MKB Ultra, Sky Cries Mary, Purple Strange, Beyond Captain Orca), even though almost everything but recording is dead in the water... don't get me started, you wouldn't like it. Check my bandcamp site (you can find it, it's not hard LOL) for some nice surprises. Meanwhile, doing lots of mixing and especially mastering. More later...

8 Feb 2018

2017, what a year. Just added 22 more records to the discography, which puts me way past the 500-record mark. Worth noting, a record I co-produced (with Barrett Martin) and mixed, that came out right at the end of 2016 by Nando Reis, "Jardin-Pomar," won a Latin Grammy for us! Never thought I'd get one of those. The statuette looks just like the US version but is inscribed in Portuguese! Other very satisfying projects included the Ultramega OK remix/reissue for Soundgarden, which I guess would (sadly) be the last released project for the band that had Chris Cornell's full involvement and enthusiasm. (And THAT was a tough part of 2017 to deal with.) The long-awaited "Complete U-Men" box set came out, and I mixed some unreleased stuff and baked/transferred a whole heck of a lot of reels of tape. (Currently doing the same thing for Green River!) In the same vein, the long-awaited 3rd Gruntruck album came out... I did a LOT of work on that one. Black Beat Blue's second record came out after a long delay... it's a fun record, super heavy, check it out. Devils Hunt Me Down, a cool new Seattle band, did 3 separate EPs with me during the course of the year, but I just lumped 'em together as one big project in my discography. Kings Of Cavalier are another heavy Seattle band coming up fast. There was skate-punk, indy, metal, grunge, pop... the usual smattering of rock and roll you would expect of me.

12 Jan 2017

Website? What website? Been awhile, but I finally just added 36 (!) new records to my discography, going back to mid-2015. Highlights: two more records for Brazilian superstar Nando Reis, three TAD albums I remastered, Windhand for Relapse, Gary Lee Conner (Screaming Trees guitarist), Nik Turner (ex-Hawkwind), The Sonics (mixed a live album, it's killer), Green River (mixed their 1984 demos), bluesman Cedell Davis, Black Clouds (recorded in Grohl's studio), and two more records from bands I was in: played bass on the Rocket Surgery album (band is no more, sadly), and played lead guitar on the new album by my current main band, MKB Ultra featuring Mia Boyle. I'm also playing bass yet again for Upwell, my third stint with them, and playing guitar in a 100% IMPROV power trio called Beyond Captain Orca; we've played 5 gigs so far, and seem to be getting away with it. My other band Endino's Earthworm, which was really active for a few years, is currently "on ice". My fourth solo record is, uh, almost done... I'm averaging about one per decade.
For what it's worth, 9 of the discography additions were records where I only did the mixing, and 9 were ones where I only did the mastering. Two records were by bands I play in, and on two others I was just a guest guitarist on a couple songs. On one, I added a vocal harmony to a song in Spanish! More and more I'm also mixing "in the box" which I never thought I'd be doing, but now it's working for me. "I also mow lawns", haha...
Also important to mention, I finally got back to doing newsletters, and my first one since 2011 can be read at this URL: JE Newsletter October 2016... More on the way soon. I'm burnt out on social media, and falling back on older communication methods! 2022 Note: Mailchimp deleted my account with no notice whatever a couple years later, and my unbacked-up mailing list went "poof". Thanks assholes.

1 Aug 2015

Livin' life... playing in 3 or 4 bands, maybe 5?... recording more records... fixing amps... recapping the Trident 80B at Soundhouse... hiking a lot... getting some sun for a change... and finally trying to make this damn website more mobile-friendly.

14 Mar 2015

Added a ton more records to the Discography... Lots more going on... expect a Newsletter soon.

16 Apr 2014

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, Brooklyn, NY... just went there as a VIP guest to watch Nirvana get inducted. Insane! See my Facebook page for pics and posts about this!

02 Aug 2013

Did some work related to the In Utero Deluxe Reissue, but if I told you specifics, I'd have to kill you. Oh, and finally added 10 records (so far) from 2013 to my discography.

19 July 2013

Sub Pop's "SP25" Jubilee, 7-13-2013... OMFG. Played a very nice set with my band, Endino's Earthworm, in front of the biggest crowd I've played to since Wellwater Conspiracy opened for Pearl Jam in Nov 2000. Pics and vids are gathered at the Official Facebook page for Endino's Earthworm.

6 July 2013

It's a bit strange being in a kickass rock band again. I am facing that eternal question once more: promote myself as a record producer, or as a musician? I've been juggling these two things my whole adult life. Right now, I have shifted the balance more toward the musician side of things, though still welcoming whatever production work comes along. Summer is here and Endino's Earthworm has some pretty sweet festival gigs coming up.... July 13th, the Sub Pop 25th Jubilee; August 17th, Hempfest; Sept 7th, Pain In The Grass at the Gorge in George, WA. Of course, none of these festival gigs feature any "payment" (a quaint concept, SO last century)... but who gives a shit. It's nice to be up there ripping people faces off again. And oddly enough... I finally figured out how to sing. Oh, I always knew, the proof is on the solo records after all, but... pulling it off live, while thrashing my guitar, was always the challenge. But those three years singing backup with Kandi Coded seem to have paid off. (And actually the Earthworm is 3/4 of Kandi Coded, back from the dead...)

20 Apr 2013

I still need luck... Wordpress is pissing me off. Site redesign is moving forward however; this page and the "Discography" will be last. (It's frames-based and barely works on smartphones.) In the meantime, I'm in two bands: playing bass for Rocket Surgery, and playing guitar and singing for Endino's Earthworm, and both bands are playing shows.

1 Sept 2012

That's it... I'm transitioning this whole mess of a website over to Wordpress! Wish me luck! [2015 Note: Haha! That was a failed endeavor... site got hacked almost immediately.]

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