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"... Best known for being the man behind the boards of some of the nastiest music to come out of Seattle (The Accused, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Zeke, et al) in the '80s and '90s, Jack Endino has also established himself as a helluva talented guitarist in the psychedelic grunge band Skin Yard and as a solo artist... Anyone looking to get their fix of smart, visceral hard rock, you could hardly do any better than this monster of an album." -- Adem Tepedelen (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles)
"... The monstrous, guitar-army sounds of Permanent Fatal Error are sure to please loyalists from his days with underground Seattle favorites Skin Yard... The great songwriting and utter lack of filler on the nearly hourlong juggernaut make a strong case that the man should be spending more time out from behind the boards with a guitar in his hands." -- Dave Pehling (SF Weekly)
"... Fans of Endino's past work will be lining up to get their hands on this whopper of an album. It conjures up great memories of an era in Seattle gone by, but more than holds its own in the landscape of today's rock music. Recommended." -- Jackson Ellis (Verbicide)
"... I'm convinced that Jack plays the best stun guitar in the biz. The songs are mostly introspective, with the notable exception of 'What the hell are we doing??' political sentiment in 'Strangelove'. The entire package gives Permanent Fatal Error the same sort of feel that I got when I first heard Bob Mould's Workbook. A man pouring his soul into his music." -- Chris Barnes (Hellride Music)
"...Overall, the sound is modern hard rock with nods to the Seattle scene in which he was initially established, but Endino, confident in his songwriting, isn't at all afraid to touch on classic punk rock, or even some groove-laden, hooky pop... highly recommended for anyone seeking grunge integrity and quality songcraft modernly delivered with crisp originality. In a word: Timeless. Grade: A+" -- JJ Koczan (The Aquarian)
"...Endino's first solo record in 12 years, Permanent Fatal Error, is a return to that crusty, hard-edged and unapologetic loud rock 'n' roll that spans generations and categorizations. The lyrics and vocals are secondary to that screeching, squealing guitar and we're left at the end with a powerful knock upside the head." (The Wig Fits All heads)
"...Endino is best known as a producer and co-architect of the Seattle grunge sound, but he's made a handful of records over the years with Skin Yard and on his own. Permanent Fatal Error is his first in well over a decade, and it pretty much rocks. Taking in both the psychedelic grunge and the fuzzed-out garage rock with which he's become associated, the record shivers with ecstatic layers of electric guitar, and his gritty singing and strong songwriting tops it off. No errors here, permanent, fatal or otherwise." -- Michael Toland (High Bias Webzine)
"...You were expecting flowery girly pop or jerky Franz Ferdinand new wave, maybe?...This dude fucking invented grunge and he continues to personify it. Comprehend? ... Very old-school Seattle, deep and guttural and literate and vaguely depressed and brimming with wah-wah and energy. You want a musical education? Then pick this up. But does it rock? DOES IT ROCK? Fuck yeah." -- Everett True (Seattle Stranger)
"...Forget all those third-rate grunge ripoffs you hear on the radio. Permanent Fatal Error is the real deal. " -- Greg Prato (All Music Guide)
"Jack... This is a fucking great record." -- voicemail from Dave Crider (Estrus Records, The DT's, The Mono Men)

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