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1000 Smiling Knuckles. 31K JPEG.
Skin Yard "1000 Smiling Knuckles" (4th album)

Cruz Records CR-017, issued on vinyl and CD autumn '91. Now with Barrett Martin drumming, regrouped and fully functional, we made what many feel was the definitive Skin Yard record. Recorded winter '90/'91 on a two-inch Otari MX-80 at 15 ips with no noise reduction. We were very happy with this one and it was our most successful record by far. Much touring took place; that March, Daniel (who had just become a father) left the band and was replaced by Pat Pedersen on bass. The year concluded with our only tour of Europe, playing places as far-flung as Bergen, Norway and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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Cover art © 1990 by Jim Blanchard. (Write to Jim at P.O. Box 20321, Seattle, Wa 98102 and request the Beef Eye Publications catalog. It's important that you do this.)

Those who played:

Ben McMillan: vocals.
Jack Endino: guitar; fuzz-wah-slide bass on 10.
Daniel House: bass.
Barrett Martin: drums.

The Songs:

1. 1000 Smiling Knuckles [music Jack, lyrics Ben]
2. River Throat [music Jack/Daniel, lyrics Ben]
3. Words on Bone [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
4. Living Pool [music Jack/Daniel, lyrics Ben]
5. Headswill [music Jack/Daniel, lyrics Ben]
6. Psychoriflepowerhypnotized [music Ben/Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
7. Material Freak [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
8. Jezechrist [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
9. Nietzsche with a Pizza [music Daniel/Jack/Barrett, instro]
10. Burn a Hole [music SY, lyrics Ben]

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