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Inside the Eye. 40K JPEG.
Skin Yard "Inside the Eye" (5th album)

Cruz Records CRZ CD-027, issued on vinyl and CD summer '93. Now with Pat Pedersen on bass, and with Ben playing some rhythm guitar. Daniel House (who was no longer in the band) says he doesn't care for it much but plenty of other people dug it. There's some slayin' Skin Yard tunes on it, though admittedly ONE Ben song sounds like Gruntruck, which didn't really bother us that much. Recorded on Stu Hallerman's 2-inch 16-track Ampex MM-1200 at 15 ips... so, each SY record was recorded with a different tape format/speed/machine! The low end "bump" on this machine is at 35 Hz for extra fun. This record did pretty well considering that recording it (in summer '92) was the last thing we did as a band. As Ben has so succinctly put it in an interview, "Jack and I looked at each other and said, 'Do I want to be in a band with you for another 6 years?'" It was time to retire before some idiot tried to sign us to a major label! (A couple then tried but it was too late [phew], and of course they soon lost their jobs anyway...)

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Cover art © 1992 by Jim Blanchard. (Write to Jim at P.O. Box 20321, Seattle, Wa 98102 and request the Beef Eye Publications catalog. You need to do this.)

Those who played:

Ben McMillan: vocal; rhythm gtr on 6,7,9.
Jack Endino: guitar; fuzz-wah-slide bass on 8; bkg vox on 1,8.
Pat Pedersen: bass.
Barrett Martin: drums; congas on 5.

The Songs:

1. Inside the Eye [music Jack, lyrics Ben]
2. Miss You [music Jack, lyrics Ben]
3. Not in Love [music/lyrics Ben]
4. Undertow [music Jack, lyrics Ben]
5. Wait For More [music Ben/Jack/Pat, lyrics Ben]
6. Fight [music/lyrics Ben]
7. Western Wall [music Ben/Pat, lyrics Ben]
8. Across the Wind [music Ben/Jack, lyrics Ben]
9. Blindfold [music/lyrics Ben]
10. Slow Dive [music Jack/Ben, lyrics Ben]

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