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I have a private e-mail newsletter mailing list for whoever might be interested in occasional news and rantings from Endino-land. This enables me to:

  • Go into more depth on my latest production gigs;
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  • Rant and/or rave about new developments in the world of audio;
  • Rant and/or rant some more about the music biz;
  • Call your attention to other music that might interest you;
  • Confide in you my deepest and most intimate thoughts... typically, about things like vacuum tubes and microphone placement;
  • Give you sneaky recording tricks and tips;
  • Alert you to major updates to this website (eternal work-in-progress);
  • Shamelessly self-promote any new releases by any of my musical projects; you could consider this an ulterior motive, but it's extremely rare... don't hold your breath.
  • Rant and/or rave in self-indulgent fashion about almost anything. I might even get technical. Look out.

Such a deal. I've been doing these newsletters since 1998. If I get too busy there can be long intervals between 'em but of course that gives me more stuff to write about.

2014 Note: I recently switched over to Mailchimp to handle my list, as it was getting impossible to maintain the list by hand. Mailchimp is well-regarded and quite ethical. Your email address is safe.

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Possible future subjects: analog tape rides off into the sunset, vacuum tube technoid trivia, rants about click tracks, digital hoo-hah, who I'm recording, more record industry insanity... whatever! I'm open to suggestions... got any?

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