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Live CD. 30K GIF.
Skin Yard "The Perfect Lawn" Live Comp. (NOW! MAY 2003)

The plan: to remix, remaster and compile all the live stuff from our vaults, and make a very limited, website-only, burn-em-to-order CD-R with a photocopied cover... which will not in any way diminish the rock contained therein.

Cover design by Jim Blanchard.

****MAY 2003**** It's done. I've got it. You can buy it from me right now!

Those who will have formerly played:

Ben McMillan: vocals.
Jack Endino: guitar.
Daniel House: bass.
Matt Cameron: drums.
Steve Wied: drums.
(Norman) Scott McCullum: drums.
Barrett Martin: drums.
Pat Pedersen: bass.

Songs: Will include "Psychoriflepowerhypnotized" and maybe another track from the 2-5-91 KDVS recording, "Kerosene" from the "Undertow" EP, a killer version of "Stuck in a Plan" from a gig with Steve Wied on drums (before he joined Tad's band), some other radio stuff, 5 killer songs from a New Years Eve 1990 8-track recording, and who the heck knows what else...

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