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Helios Creed. 40K JPEG.
Helios Creed "The Last Laugh"

Amphetamine Reptile, 1988. Helios Creed, ex-guitarist for the mighty Chrome, came to Seattle in search of musicians to help him make a third solo album. Meeting Skin Yard, he ended up jamming with Daniel House (bass) and Jason Finn (drums). Jason had been Skin Yard's drummer until just before that time, and we were all (as ever) still on great terms, so Helios made plans to come into Reciprocal Recording with this "hired guns" rhythm section and have Jack do the recording duties. Most of the tunes were actually written and arranged and recorded on the spot, in the studio, but this is not some boring noise-jam thing; these are actual songs, with lyrics, arrangements and everything. This is a heavy, heavy album, and Helios' guitar playing will make your head spin. (I was humbled. -- JE) OUT OF PRINT.

Produced by Jack and Helios

Those who played:

Helios Creed: guitar; vocals; all sorts of crazy noises
Daniel House: bass.
Jason Finn: drums.

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