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Hallowed Ground. 21K JPEG.
Skin Yard "Hallowed Ground" (2nd album)

Toxic Shock TXLP-15, vinyl issue Spring '88, CD issue spring '92 with two bonus tracks. Was preceded by the single "Stranger/This Lonely Place" (Toxic Shock TX-009). CD also issued in Germany on Musical Tragedies MT-139. 200 copies of the vinyl were purple. The second pressing of the vinyl had the blue and red colors on the cover reversed, just for the hell of it. Recorded by Jack at Reciprocal on the mighty Otari MX-5050 half-inch 8-track. Has been called our best album; definitely our most abrasive.

Cover design by D. House and John Kenny.

Out of print... Copies are available here!
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Those who played:

Ben McMillan: vocal.
Jack Endino: guitar; fuzz-wah-slide bass on 3,10.
Daniel House: bass.
Scott McCullum [aka Norman Scott]: drums.

The Songs:

1. Stranger [music Jack/Daniel/Scott, lyrics Ben]
2. Open Fist [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
3. G.O.D. [music Jack/Daniel, lyrics Ben]
4. Needle Tree [music Scott/Daniel, lyrics Ben]
5. Burn [music Jack/Daniel, lyrics Ben]
6. Hallowed Ground [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
7. In the Black House [music/lyrics Ben]
8. Throb [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
9. OP4 [music Jack/Daniel/Nerm, instro] (Nerm was a friend of ours who originally played gtr in Feedback with Daniel and Matt Cameron.)
10. Wither (CD only) [music Daniel/Jack/Scott, lyrics Ben]
11. American Nightmare (CD only - from the "Secretions" comp, C/Z 006) [music Jack, lyrics Ben]

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