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Fist Sized Chunks. 20K JPEG.
Skin Yard "Fist Sized Chunks" (3rd album)

Cruz Records CR-009, issued on vinyl and CD spring '90, CD has one extra song. The "difficult" third album, recorded spring and summer '89. Band was on the verge of breakup, we had just completed a horrible tour, but we managed to pull it together in the studio. This is a violent, noisy, angry album which is kind of hard for us to listen to now, but remains some (other) people's favorite. Was recorded at 30 ips on a 1-inch 16-track Tascam ATR 60-16 (Serial #10001) that almost ruined my career until I discovered that it sounded far better at 15 ips. (Later testing with proper equipment revealed that this particular machine at 30 ips was a bit peculiar! No wonder I was pulling my hair out...Still, I managed to compensate in the mix.) While working on Helios Creed's "The Last Laugh" album at the time, I asked him if he would play some gtr on "Gentle Collapse" (an unfinished track left over from "Hallowed Ground") and he said sure. Ben and Scott had been jamming with Tommy from the Accüsed so we got Tommy to add some big chug-chug rhythm gtr to "Slow Runner". (That summer they started practicing as Gruntruck.) The last things we recorded with Scott on drums were "No Control" and our future Sub Pop single "Start at the Top"/"Watch", this time at 15 ips. Then we broke up for a year, but since the album and single came out in the meantime, nobody else noticed.

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Cover design by D. House.

Those who played:

Ben McMillan: vocals.
Jack Endino: guitar and slide.
Daniel House: bass.
Scott McCullum [aka Norman Scott]: drums; acoustic gtr on 4,7.
Tom Niemeyer: extra gtr on Slow Runner.
Helios Creed: extra gtr on Gentle Collapse.

The Songs:

1. Slow Runner [music SY, lyrics Ben]
2. Go to Sleep [music Jack/SY, lyrics Ben]
3. No Control [music/lyrics Ben]
4. Through Nothing [music Ben/Scott, lyrics Ben]
5. Hungry and Hanging [music Ben/SY, lyrics Ben]
6. Ritual Room [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
7. Over the Moon [music Scott, lyrics Ben]
8. Drunk on Kerosene [music Ben/SY, lyrics Ben]
9. Gentle Collapse [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]
10. No Right (CD only) [music Daniel/Jack, lyrics Ben]

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