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Bleed/Gelatin Babies 7 inch. 20K JPEG.
Skin Yard "Bleed/Gelatin Babies" Single

C/Z Records CZ-004, issued on black vinyl summer '87. "Gelatin Babies" was intended for the first album but was not finished in time. "Bleed" was recorded later when Jason Finn was drumming with us, probably fall '86. It's the closest we ever came to a sort of creepy ballad. Both songs are available as bonus tracks on the CD version of our first album.

Cover design by D. House.

Those who played:

Ben McMillan: vocals.
Jack Endino: guitar and slide-fuzz-bass.
Daniel House: bass and piano.
Jason Finn: drums on "Bleed".
Matthew Cameron: drums on "Gelatin Babies".

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