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Angle of Attack. 21K JPEG.
Jack Endino "Angle of Attack" (1st solo album)

Bobok, Ltd. BOBOK-4, vinyl issue spring '90; CD issue in autumn '92 with 2 extra tracks. CD also released in Germany by Musical Tragedies, MT-190. Jack's story: "Being the studio junkie/music addict that I am, I accumulated a lot of experimental (and less so) tracks over the 80's, gamely trying to play all the instruments. I took the best of these and made a tape, printed some covers and gave away about 70 copies. Bill Sassenberger at Toxic Shock heard it and offered to put it out on his "other" label Bobok, and suddenly I had a solo album! A mixture of 4-track stuff from my basement (but I had a VERY GOOD 4-track) and 8-track stuff from Reciprocal. Much help came from Greg Gilmore, a drummer/percussionist who had played in 10 Minute Warning with Daniel, played 2 gigs with Skin Yard and later joined Mother Love Bone. The 'thanx and inspiration' list on this record is pretty revealing; that's all I'm going to say about it." Some of the more amusing liner notes are reproduced below.

Here's a review:

"Angle of Attack, by Seattle guitarist Jack Endino, is real guitar heroism, a feast of gutsy riffola, fierce but fluid soloing and solid writing, with periodic detours into deep art-metal space." David Fricke, ROLLING STONE, Aug 9th, 1990, p. 63.

Out of print... Copies are available here!

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Cover art © 1989 by Jim Blanchard. (Write to Jim at P.O. Box 20321, Seattle, Wa 98102 and request the Beef Eye Publications catalog. Do it before it's too late.)

Those who played:

Jack Endino: guitar, bass, drums, vocals and percussion,
Greg Gilmore: drums on 6 and 14, percussion on 6 and 12, bass on 11.

The Songs (all by Jack unless noted otherwise):

1. Salvation
2. X-Echo 1
3. Create What You Fear [Now it can be told: the inspiration here (musically, not lyrically) was Motorhead's "Jailbait".]
4. Folks, Let's Nebulate
5. Big Seth "Thanx to Matt Cameron for letting me play his drums when he left them set up overnite at Reciprocal."
6. Sideways Savannah [Endino/Gilmore] "Title by Greg. Well: Scrap 2x4's...laid out like a xylophone with Greg and I on either end, playing simultaneously and miked in stereo. We improvised bass/drums together on top of this percussion track; I added the implied gtr track much later. No click track was used..." [Note: compare to the first song on the Tuatara album.]
7. Find the Key "Thanx again to Matt for letting me use his drums. Daniel House co-wrote the bass line."
8. X-Echo 2
9. Naive Bid for HM Stardom #2 "Wrote and recorded this a long time ago; it causes me great amusement now. 4-trk." [One can only hope that it will do likewise for the listener.]
10. Angle of Attack
11. Time is Running Out [Gilmore/Endino....improvised and then overdubbed.]
12. Post-X [Endino/Gilmore...improvised] "Jack: Gtr and Bass. Greg: wooden box and other miscellaneous percussion [found objects]."
13. Naive Bid #1 (CD only) "Well there had to be a track with a drum machine, so here it is, the mighty TR-808 no less." [Pretty strange to hear 808 in a rock context, but it was recorded in 1984 when I didn't know any better.]
14. Bold Leaps of Unreason...(Part II) (CD bonus only) [Endino/Gilmore] "Greg walked into my basement one day, and with hardly more than a hello we just started jamming, and I left the tape on as I so often do. Later I realized that if I could just follow the totally improvised structure that resulted, I could overdub the implied bass line and another guitar and maybe have something that made sense, in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way. Took a while to learn all the 'parts' of the 'song', but here's the result. It's admittedly meandering but it captures some quality that I value..." [i.e., perfect for a CD bonus track!]


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